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Save horror, save the world

If you've read our story, you know our intentions for this site are bigger than simply discovering horror, watching it, reviewing it, posting it to the site, organizing films by creature and calculating populations and survival of the fittest rankings. I mean, that's barely any work at all, right? Eventually, we plan to sell merchandise on our site and use a portion of the proceeds for charity. Soon, we hope to encourage people to save the vampires by purchasing a shirt; a portion of the proceeds of this purchase will be donated to, say, the Red Cross. Clever, right?

It's not enough for Keith and I to save horror. We love horror and definitely think it's worth saving. But, we also want to do our part in saving the world. This may not be the superhero genre, but we can all still pull our weight.

As you know, we're not currently selling swag, which means there are no proceeds to go to charity. Not yet. Fear not, as soon as possible, we'll have merchandise available and charities picked out. Stay tuned!